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Class Preparation

  • No food 2 hours prior to lesson, this may change once the child completes one session without crying.

  • Take care of restroom before coming to class .

  • Tuition is due on the third day of lessons, made payable to Amanda Smith, with student name on the check memo line.

  • Do NOT take the student into any pool or jacuzzi during the 2 weeks of instruction . Walk on beach is OK, Splash Pad is OK, a bath is OK. 

  • You must arrive and be on the pool deck 5 minutes before your start time. Have the child in their swim suit, shoes off and ready to go.  Rash guard is recommended, but not required.

  • Use a real swim diaper with elastic legs and waist, not one that snaps. Under that put a throw away lil' swimmer diaper. Swim diapers are required for all kids under 31 months old and for kids that have not been potty trained for at least 6 months. 
  • Bring 2 towels and clothes to dry and change the swimmer.

  • The pool is heated to 90 degrees (in cooler winter / spring months)

  • Class held regardless of weather (except in case of lightening storm) and Coach Todd determines that at the class, so come regardless of weather. 

  • ​No flotation devices or goggles.

  • Your child is going to cry for a few days to try to get you to take them out of the class. Review the Philosophy of this class. Don't get manipulated regarding this important life skill. You will be full of joy at the end of the class when your child swims out to you. 

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