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Our 2024 Calendar

We will swim 9 days in a row.  The last day is reserved for parents to get into the pool with their child.  Parents receive hands on training learning tips and techniques on how to continue to grow their child's new life saving skill.  

We generally cannot accommodate for a missed session for a non medical activity. If your child gets sick or has a long standing doctor specialist appointment we will work with you. Let us know about special doctors appointments made prior to enrolling in our class.


You are paying a fixed fee to produce a swimmer. In some cases it takes 4 days in others 7 days. You do not pay for time in the water. The job is generally done in less than 10 days.  Class dates are subject to change and advance notice will be given. 

Each child receives private, one-on-one swim lessons in Woodforest.  Times scheduled after 3:30 require 1/2 of the tuition payment up front in order to secure your session and will be non-refundable in the event your plans change.  

Upcoming Class Start Dates

Apr 8 

May 13


Jun 9  (Sunday)


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