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Image by Anna Sullivan

Host a class


One (1) reduced tuition for your family: tuition is FREE for one (1) family member when there are at least 6 paying students enrolled. The host is responsible for keeping the pool at 90 degrees in the colder months. Your children learn in their own pool. That is a significant safety benefit for your child.

You help reduce drowning, promote water safety, and contribute to children's development by hosting classes.

Parents sign a general release and liability waiver to protect you. All pool hosts are added to the Swim10, LLC. general insurance policy.  

Kids come to your home on a 10 minute interval and rosters have 12 or fewer kids per class. That means the pool is used for class about two hours each day. 

Host Requirements

You must have a private backyard residential pool. A community pool, apartment pool or HOA pool will NOT work. You must have Gas or Electric Heater and can ensure 90 degree pool temp. in Spring and Fall (Note: Solar heat to supplement gas or electric heaters is an added benefit. Solar heating alone will not work.) 

Host pays the heating cost, generally around $200. Your pool must have a shallow area (3-3 1/2 feet deep).

To HOST a class,  email and Amanda or Todd will contact you. If you have any questions please call us at: 318-465-1926.

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